I am a giant among none
A revelry uncontained
A watcher on the parapet

I long to see a different future
A vision to appear from the haze

Step forward
Stop hiding
Reveal yourself

A future among many
A world without none
I am the watcher patiently waiting for your vision to clear
Let your heart open your eyes
Let it cleanse the debris from your periphery

Can I lend you a cloth?
Let me gently dab away the dust that’s settled over you

I am here
Steady and open
Watching you writhe in your own discomfort
Battling the demons that have passed down to you
The generations of radical hopelessness

I am here
Singing the lullaby
Putting our inherited hate to sleep
Cradling ignorance until it opens its clenched fists
And wraps its infant fingers around my waiting hands

I will sing the song
Of inherited pain
And cast aside unfounded fears

Will you listen?
Will you step into the melody
And recognize yourself?

The one whose heart holds a space for compassion
That believes others’ pain as much as your own
That wishes for more than he said she said
That opens your imagination to the realities of others’ suffering
Finds a piece of yourself in others
No matter how small
And winds your world into theirs

I am unknowing
But my heart cannot stop screaming
It cannot let go of the white-hot pain I’ve carried
That passed through the womb
And rigid hands that raised me
Denied the knowledge and passion of the world
Contained in the Tupperware of small lives
Opened up when home taught me otherwise

I am singing to you
As compassion from strangers held me through
As love leaked from unexpected places
I see the weariness
But also the hope of something better

Will we be in this together?
Or will your lack of compassion keep us apart?

Will you finally remove your blinders?
Or at least loosen the straps?
Or will we circle each other, one hand on the escape hatch?